As a socially engaged, multidisciplinary artist, I produce work at the nexus of contemporary art and activism. My work is rooted in social issues. I am committed to creativity, activism and social change.


My process is an investigation, a tool used to reflect and analyze norms and values in society, triggered by my interest in the human condition and my own experiences facing injustice as a woman, an immigrant, an industrial worker. My personal relationship to colonization, my experience of otherness, resilience and conflict have made it possible for me to identify with cross-cultural social issues. For the past several years, I have been focusing on projects that critically view the role of police, acts of racism, poverty in the United States and growing military intervention abroad. Recurrent themes and imagery include visual expressions of identity, migration, alienation, history, war and believes.  I use a variety of materials and  processes in each project, the concept or idea determines the medium, painting, drawing, collage, digital photography, site-specific installations, video, public interventions and at times collaborations in order to realize the work. I consider my artistic practice a daily act of resistance.


​The driving impulse is my desire to use art as a tool for self-reflection, and build understanding. Looking at these issues in new ways, engaging a diverse audience by highlighting and creating a safe space for the viewer to be provoked, explore, wonder, interpret, or find purpose and meaning in the issues we are facing.

Contact me or visit my studio @

Laundromat Art Space

5900 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137

305 606 9241

rosa naday garmendia

creativity / activism / social change

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