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Introducing BILLBOARD USA, an ephemeral public art initiative that forms a crucial part of the larger project, "8x5: ARTISTS AGAINST MASS INCARCERATION, CALLING FOR JUSTICE." This captivating display can be witnessed both on a stationary billboard and mobile billboard trucks as they traverse South Beach, the Design District, and Wynwood. The exhibition, named 8X5 to symbolize the dimensions of an average prison cell, showcases thought-provoking commissioned artworks by esteemed artists including Glenn Kaino, Dread Scott, the Guerrilla Girls, Reginald O'Neal, Russell Craig, Sherrill Roland and Kellen Stuhlmiller, Chire Regans, Judith Mistor, Jessica Helsinger, Rosa Naday Garmendia, and Emily Velez Nelms. Don't miss this impactful presentation at the corner of S.W. 12 Ave. & Flagler Street in Miami, FL.

Throughout the ages, artists have harnessed the power of their creations to voice protests, both subtle and overt. In my artistic journey, I embrace a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses letterpress and linoleum printing, public art, and digital graphics. Drawing inspiration from the historical significance of American Broadsides, broadsheets, political posters, and the art of the WPA program, I strive to encapsulate their potential in my work alongside other printed ephemera.

My exploration of letterpress printing has led me to delve into the realm of digital graphics and the broader grassroots struggles for justice. Within this context, I undertake projects that dismantle the oppressive systems of policing, racism, militarism, and the associated institutions that dehumanize individuals. Each piece I create serves as an educational tool, a symbol of solidarity, and a thing of beauty that motivates people to take action. Moreover, it visualizes and reflects alternative futures for humanity, imbuing hope and inspiration.

This series represents the culmination of my extensive research for Rituals of Commemoration, which commenced in 2014. Its purpose is to raise awareness about the tragic loss of Black lives due to police killings. Among the countless victims, I remember and honor individuals like Briana Sykes, Kevin Matthews, Patrick Lyoya, James Lowery, and Jamal Rollins, along with over 1,557 other Black lives lost in the United States from 1979 to the present day.

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