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About this work

Warning this  May Trigger Debate, 2017-2019

Warning this may trigger debate, is an extension of Rituals of Commemoration. It asks the biggest and most provocative question ---


Can WE, can YOU be neutral in all of this?

What is the value, if any, of remaining silent?


​This participatory piece requires that viewers adopt one of the 25-pound, charcoal black, concrete blocks shaped reminiscent of an inverted half-pyramid, inscribed with the names of victims of police violence with shimmering gold letters that spell out the name and dates of the deceased individuals. The action and decision to take one, placing it in a visible place, yard, lawn, office, or home serves to deepen the conversation, making meaningful connections and building understanding that will assist communities to move forward while maintaining a sense of connection with those whom we have lost. With this project I propose a new action to the time-honored rituals of devotion and commemoration by highlighting and creating a safe space to explore, wonder, be provoked, take action or find purpose and meaning in the issues our nation faces.

I ask participants to take photographs as a way to document their willingness to take part in this project. Use the Hashtag #ritualsofcommemoration to add your voice.

Made up of 25 (to date), concrete blocks that measure 12W x 8H x 5D inches and weigh 25 lbs. each, shaped reminiscent of an inverted half-pyramid, topped by a corona painted in rich charcoal black and shimmering gold, with letters that spell out the names and dates of the Black men, women, and youth killed by police  or security guards across the United States from 1979 to the present.


Participants’ willingness to take a photograph carrying the weight of this object is a symbolic act of affirmation of memory, of the senseless lives lost, defending it, and giving it form through action.

Ripped from the Headlines, 2019
Curated by Elle Schorr

Se Parte de mi Historia
Centro de Desarrollo de Las Artes Visuales, La Habana Vieja, Cuba, 2017

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