Traveling to Cuba, a postcard project, 2014- 2017

Normalizing relations between the United States and Cuba tend to go in fits and starts; President Obama’s historic order in 2014 to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba after more than 53 years greatly expanded travel opportunities for Cuba bound visitors. A couple of years ago Tampa and St. Petersburg were competing for the prospect of a Cuban consulate. In 2017, the Trump administration expelled 15 Cuban diplomats and current laws are making it more difficult for Cuba bound travelers again.

​This ongoing project documents with postcards the natural human communication and exchange that continues between people who live in the United States and Cuba despite continued obstacles.

The invitation to participate in the project revealed my intent, which was for each individually written postcard to reflect unique voices, each with its own individual gesture, touch, feelings and together creating a collective message of love. I have received over 300 postcards from travelers across the United States, i.e. New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Florida, California and Cubans who were visiting the United States.