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Rituals of Commemoration, 2018

Vermont Studio Center & Vermont College of Fine Arts

May 9th - June 1st, 2018


The Vermont Studio Center and Vermont College of Fine Arts are united in their belief that the arts are central to the human experience and have the ability not only to reflect reality but to also create it. This call invites alums of both organizations to submit artwork in any media that was created in response to our current contemporary political upheaval. This may be articulated both literally or metaphorically as an expression of the potential of creativity to shift  consciousness. All progress and change has been achieved through a radical reimagining of what is and what could be. We are seeking a vision of a future that has yet to be determined, understood, or adopted by any position of power or control. Curated by Juried by Meg Onli (Assistant Curator at the ICA Philadelphia)

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