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Photography curtesy of the artist

About the exhibition


Sat., Aug. 29 - Sun., Oct. 25, 2020

Curated by Meaghan Kent

Rosa Naday Garmendia: Not So Far Away - No Tan Lejos remarks on the longstanding historical divisions between Cuba and the United States and is relevant to larger conversations about the shared experiences linked to the global dispersal of refugees and migrations, of erecting boundaries and border crossings, of voyaging, and the fault-lines and states of emergency – in a deeply divided world. This project investigates and respects both the complexities and the resilience of the immigrant experience.


The work of Rosa Naday Garmendia is rooted in social issues and encourages reflection, interaction, and engagement. Inspired by works whose origins are the result of documentary work initiated in 2014, the exhibition reflects upon the displacement from culture, home, and family, human communication, belief systems, and notions of history. Her effort to develop an intercultural dialogue encompasses a range of themes including identity, migration, and colonialism. This project is unique to her oeuvre as it discusses the intersectionality of her own identity as an immigrant from Cuba, a woman, and an artist living in the United States while maintaining family and cultural ties.


The exhibition, comprised of a large-scale mural, documentary work, photography, and objects, contextualizes the narratives and experiences of individual immigrants, the histories of separation, transplantation of memories, and cultural practices from one’s own home country. History is a multi-disciplinary approach of public and personal experiences created to open new ways of understanding. The artist questions: What is the social and political impact of multiculturalism within these parameters? How are identities, language, self-determination, borders, and beliefs shifted by the flow and movement of people?  

The exhibition is supported by a grant from the Maurer Family Foundation.

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