Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator

Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant



NOVEMBER 14, 2019 - MARCH 20, 2020

Through contemporary art, scholarship, and the power of place, the curatorial team and the Corcoran have produced an exhibition that fearlessly challenges social justice issues while celebrating identities by bridging communities. “The work goes well beyond traditional survey type exhibitions, and delves into complex, deep terrain of the trauma that is the inevitable result of a diaspora tradition,” said Sanjit Sethi, President, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and Exhibition Co-Curator.
Miami, dubbed the Creole City, sits at the crossroads of the Americas and houses the hemisphere’s entangled identities; providing a lens into the broader politics of race, class, gender, and nationality in the global South. DVCAI Collaborator Donette A. Francis, Ph.D., succinctly describes the concept of Miami’s intersectionality stating that “Miami is not just Latin, if by that term somehow it is also implied white, occidental, and modernist - it is also tribal, black and brown, indigenous, postmodernist, folkloric, colonial and postcolonial, traditional, ethnic, and hybrid. In its insistence that we always inhabit and account for multiple subject positions, intersectionality is always an unfinished project.”
The 17 countries represented in this exhibition include South Africa, The Caribbean, Latin America, South America, and the United States. The 25 visual artists, and two guest artists, will present poignant cultural programs that encompass life stories, memory, politics, myth, religion, and popular culture through painting, sculpture, photography, prints, drawings, video works, and installations.

Photos curtesy of  Denny Henry, the artist and  Roy Wallace

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