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Affordable Digital Graphics!

Welcome to this selection of digital graphics! For centuries, artists have used their work as tools of protest in subtle and overt ways. These works are part of an activist toolbox created out of a broad spectrum of contemporary social issues and movements that speak to these efforts while commenting on power structures and proposing new ones while asserting my identity and beliefs.

Working through a multidisciplinary practice that includes letterpress printing, public art and digital graphics, I am inspired by the historical potential of American Broadsides, broadsheets, political posters, (Art from the WPA program) and other printed ephemera. ​Letterpress printing has led me to explore digital graphics and broader grassroots struggles for justice. I develop projects that deconstruct, policing, racism, militarism and related institutions of dehumanization. Each work is an educational tool, a gesture of solidarity and a thing of beauty that inspires people to action that envisions and reflects alternative futures for humanity. 

SIZE: 17" H x 11" W, on cardstock paper 

PRICE: $20

If any of these resonate or speak to you DM me @nadayart 

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